Coffees - Espresso


Classic flavour notes in a modern outfit!

Monica Borges’ natural processed Brazilian coffee from Fazenda Vila Boa seduces you into the world of new-wave coffees.
Flavour notes: dark chocolate, almond, caramel


If you are looking for new (coffee) adventures!

Then you should try our washed coffee from Colombia and dive yourself in the experiences! 
Flavour notes: peach, sour cherry, orange

Black Pearl

The essence of coffee experience

In our current blend, a natural processed Ethiopian coffee guarantees the fruity notes and the balance is created by a washed coffee from Colombia.
Flavour notes: peach, sour cherry, pomelo


The flagship of our permanent offer

While pursuing fruitiness, we give space to acidity that harmonize well with sweetness in this natural processed Ethiopian coffee.
Flavour notes: strawberry, peach, bergamot


Ready for an exciting lot from Indonesia?

Siren is a truly exciting, vibrant coffee from the island of Sumatra, Indonesia.
Flavour notes: tangerine, black tea, orange

White Sand

Pure experience, no caffeine!

Our decaffeinated coffee is a sweet, characteristic Colombian one.
Flavour notes: caramel, milk chocolate, orange

Roastopus pocket package

Coffee as a gift? Why not?

Astonish your beloved ones (or yourself) with a mini pack of coffee selection!

Coffee package

A selection of our coffees

Once you can't decide, choose our coffee package for a special price, completed by an eco-friendly linen bag of style.

Premium coffee package

All-in of our permanent offer

Once you are eager to dive deep in the world of our coffees, choose our premium coffee package for a special price, completed by an eco-friendly linen bag of style.