An exciting journey from the farm to the cup

Let’s start our first blog post that gives an insight into the background of roasting. My name is Balázs, one of the founders of Roastopus, and among others it’s me who is responsible for the procurement of coffees and roasting (many thanks to Gabi for letting me do this exciting part of the work). In this part I’ll present the journey of the coffee in a simple and clear way, somewhere intentionally in a really plain language.

I adore building up worlds – Interview with Miklós Kiss graphic designer / ‘This is their time of coffee’ interview series

It is always very exciting to have an insight into the work of a creative person, to see what is behind his sketches, to understand his mindset a bit better, to know what inspires him or which that particular moment is when he feels he can fulfil himself in a project. We had the same feeling in connection with Miklós Kiss graphic designer. With his unique, distinguishable style he is a well-known professional both home and abroad.