Financial support

The implementation of Roastopus specialty coffee’s entry into foreign market 

Thanks to Hungarian Export Promotion Agency (HEPA) Nonprofit Co.Ltd. our company received a 5 850 991 HUF non-repayable support which enables us to fix the presence of Roastopus coffees on foreign markets. The intensity of the support is 50% of the Project’s expenditure eligible.

As part of the P2020-NEP-000157 project, the investment enables us both to strengthen our contacts and to find new ones on foreign markets with regard to the content below:
Implementation period: 2019.10.01-2022.06.30.

Place: 7400 Kaposvár, Orci út 13/A
The demanded and awarded sum of the support within the frame of the support construction: 5 850 991 Ft
Total expense of the investment: 11 701 985 Ft

Thanks to the construction named „Entry to foreign markets” the followings have been implemented:
English language webshop and social media platform with marketing activity aiming at exports, which are necessary in order to enhance sales.
Also, our presence at the next World of Coffee event is secured, together with tool purchase.
Above these, an enterprise resource planning system has also been implemented. The above mentioned are complemented with wage subsidy.