Squid - filter

A real unique one!

Here’s a real exciting, anaerobic processed Geisha from Finca Bányai, Costa Rica. Are you ready?
Flavour notes: rosehip, jasmine, bergamot 

Squid - filter

Every year we strive to present the most exciting lots from Finca Bányai, and this year is no different. This anaerobically processed Geisha represents a really clean, gentle fruity taste.

Unfortunately, László Bányai is no longer with us, so with coffee we pay tribute to his memory.

Country: Costa Rica
Region: Alajuela – Naranjo – Lourdes – Dulce Geisha
Producer: László Bányai, Sándor Tóth
Process: anaerobic, washed
Varietal: Geisha
Altitude: 1550 m.a.s.l.
Flavour notes: rosehip, jasmine, bergamot

Roasting profile: filter
Packaging: whole beans 

The selectively picked Geisha cherries were cleaned, dried and then placed in a closed container for 120 hours, i.e. 5 days. After fermentation, it was pulped and fermented in water for 12 hours, then dried on a drying beds for 17 days.

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